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Lisa is quietly attentive to relationships and subtle gestures of beauty. She studied photography at RISD, and she works predominantly with film for its natural and luminous qualities. She is fortunate to work with fellow creatives and lovers of nuance all around the country.

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Lisa Berry Photography

Florence Griswold Museum Wedding by Jubilee Events

Sometimes Mondays require a little extra pretty, we get that, so this morning we are sharing a wedding so pretty, so perfect you won't even need that cup of jo to help energize your day. It's just that good (and you would never know a hurricane was looming). It's the gorgeous creation of Jubilee Events complete with delicious florals by Blush Floral Design, and all captured...


Northampton Wedding by Lisa Berry

Sometimes it's the dress that gets us all in wedding blogger tizzy mode, other times it's the flowers, or the cake, or just one photograph that really makes us feel like we were there on the big day...and other times it's the description. And this just happens to be one of those times. I could go on and on about the darling florals or the sweet as can be candy table. But it's the meaning behind the details that got me this time.


Cape Cod Wedding by Lisa Berry Photography

What do you get when you mix two high school sweethearts, a bed and breakfast, and one amazing photographer like Lisa Berry? Give up? You get one of the sweetest and most charming weddings ever! I'm seriously loving the au natural simplicity of the surroundings. And the fact that it's on the Cape? Well, that just makes it even better! ...